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Are you looking for a new job?

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Our Promise

We value you

Most people appreciate we represent both clients and candidates. We want to make your experience a good one regardless of the outcome. We strive and work towards getting you a job at the first time of asking but we realise this might not always happen, if that is the situation we want the chance to represent you again so our commitment to you is crucial to us.

Finding the right opportunity

Seems obvious? We will be there for you throughout the process. We will provide you with all the necessary important information prior to your interview’s. Being prepared is key we will make sure you get the right level of support you need.

Efficiency & being open

As a candidate, do you feel more comfortable when you understand the client’s recruitment process from start to finish and the timescales involved? No one wants unexpected surprises.

​If the process is taking longer than anticipated we will keep you in the loop throughout so you know where you stand

Seeing it through to the end

Have you ever thought 'Wow this recruiter is so keen to get me a job?' Then you haven’t heard from them for weeks? I think we have all been in that situation at least once in our lives.

​We will keep in contact with you for as long as you need us, maybe we can’t deliver on that dream job, but that job might come up again in a few months, let’s keep in touch until we find the outcome that you set out for when you got in touch. Let’s keep in regular contact.