Manufacturing & Engineering

Manufacturing jobs can involve the mechanical, physical, or chemical transformation of materials to create these new products.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Manufacturing & Engineering

Being of the broadest sectors in the UK, Engineering & Manufacturing, this accounts for almost 20% of all UK employment. The industry needs people across multiple levels, from skilled qualified professionals to semi-skilled workers.

The industry by large, is still mainly made up of SME businesses and is still short on skilled engineers, so there is never a better time to start a career or enhance your level of employment in this sector. Working in this sector offers such variation, depending on your specialism, from desk-based roles to factory floor workshop positions; there really is a role to suit everyone!

At K&D we work on a wide variety of positions and although the list below isn’t inclusive, it should give you an idea of where our expertise lies.

  • Project Engineer

  • Senior Design Engineer

  • Process Engineer

  • Assemblers and fabricators

  • Material Handler

  • Production Worker

  • Machinist/Operator

  • CNC Machinist/ Operator

  • Design Engineer

  • Electrician

  • Field Service Technician

  • Machine Tool Cutting Operator/Tender

  • Production Manager

  • Industrial Engineer

  • Machine Shop Production Supervisor

Our Promise


Be reassured we follow a step by step process every time when working with you. From taking a vacancy and having a conversation about the key criteria you are looking for, through to ensuring we deliver quality candidates to you with all the information you need. We aim to make life easy for you.


We pride ourselves on matching candidate’s accurately. Pairing up the skills needed by an employer with the talent and experience of the winning candidate - saving you time and money

Through to the end

We want to see it through to the end - The work we do following diligent processes gives us the best chance to complete the ultimate goal, which is to get the best candidate we can to help your company meet short, mid and long term goals

Attrition rates

We care about your attrition rates – Our aim is to place candidates who fit your culture.