Back Office Support

This is crucial for most businesses. These roles act as a connecting link between the senior management and other employees.

Back Office Support

Back Office Support

Office support positions are essential to the overall success for all businesses! It is a crucial part of a company some may call it the heartbeat of most businesses, as its administrative support is integral to any business's operations.

Back office allows the front office to essentially sell company products! Without this support a business quite simply has NO product to sell!!

Below we outline at the type of positions that we support clients with at K&D however a job title doesn’t mean everything and we will happily support you even if the job title might not be the normal job title that you see advertised!!

We don't write anyone off here!

  • Admin Assistant

  • Office Manager

  • Receptionist

  • Customer Service Advisor

  • Personal Assistants

  • Human Resources

  • Facilities Manager

Our Promise


Be reassured we follow a step by step process every time when working with you. From taking a vacancy and having a conversation about the key criteria you are looking for, through to ensuring we deliver quality candidates to you with all the information you need. We aim to make life easy for you.


We pride ourselves on matching candidate’s accurately. Pairing up the skills needed by an employer with the talent and experience of the winning candidate - saving you time and money

Through to the end

We want to see it through to the end - The work we do following diligent processes gives us the best chance to complete the ultimate goal, which is to get the best candidate we can to help your company meet short, mid and long term goals

Attrition rates

We care about your attrition rates – Our aim is to place candidates who fit your culture.