Driving & Logistics

We recruit for all sizes and classes of vehicles for the Logistics/Transportation sector in Buckinghamshire

Driving & Logistics

Driving & Logistics

Essentially an industry that focuses on the efficient delivery of goods to customers, but really the industry covers so much more! Every retail organisation has a supply chain, so this is a sector that offers amazing opportunities for employment at all levels!!

Logistics & Supply Chain employ around 1.7 million which is only around 5% of the UK workforce, so if you’re looking to enhance or start a career in this industry you are certainly needed!!! From Senior Supply Chain roles to vital logistics operative roles; a career in this sector is surely an exciting one!!

We recruit across the industry, and a range of the types of position we recruit for are listed below:

  • Class 1 driver

  • Class 2 driver

  • 7.5T driver

  • Forklift driver

  • Transport Manager

  • Logistics Coordinator

  • Warehouse Assistant

  • E-commerce Advisors

  • Import & Export

Our Promise


Be reassured we follow a step by step process every time when working with you. From taking a vacancy and having a conversation about the key criteria you are looking for, through to ensuring we deliver quality candidates to you with all the information you need. We aim to make life easy for you.


We pride ourselves on matching candidate’s accurately. Pairing up the skills needed by an employer with the talent and experience of the winning candidate - saving you time and money

Through to the end

We want to see it through to the end - The work we do following diligent processes gives us the best chance to complete the ultimate goal, which is to get the best candidate we can to help your company meet short, mid and long term goals

Attrition rates

We care about your attrition rates – Our aim is to place candidates who fit your culture.